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Vrij Brief Project

Concerning the editing projects section i have the following question. Is it possible to add another link for the partnerlink. When you click on it now on our homepage you get redirect to another page on our website (we want it to be possible to direct it directly to...

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Jcreative is one of UK\\\'s leading Design Agencies. They have portfolio of some of the most prestigious companies in UK. The concept and creative direction was provided by there internal Webdesign Department that provided with the PSD\\\'s, Video\\\'s and Assets. The...

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Selling online and making it easy..

Convincing your prospects to purchase from you is a hard job, but have you ever thought that you're making the process twice as difficult for both parties if your prospects are convinced but don't know how to buy from you? No matter how good you are at convincing your...

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Deep Focus wishes you a very Happy Diwali ! ...

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As a Digital Marketing Agency we are often offered to do the "I sold my soul to the Devil" Campaign, in other words totally commercial campaigns focused on Marketing a Product or Service for a Client which adds no real value to us or audience in reality.

However We are honored to work for Clubfoot India #clubfootindia, a social non profit organisation dedicated to the cause of eradicating "Club Foot" Disease from India.

We had no clue about this Problem before we started working for Club Foot India and learnt how prevalent this disease is across India. It is a birth defect with over 150 children born everyday with this problem. The good news is this is completely curable.

To read more about the treatments :

Join us in our cause to eradicate clubfoot disease and make every child walk. This Diwali let us spread the joy among the hearts of all and do something for people who need our help.

You can join our campaign to Help a child walk by donating for their special treatment. Click on the campaign link below

#clubfootindia #HelpAChildWalk #postetitreatment

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May you keep climbing new heights of #success, ever, forever and after. Congrats. #Vineet #DeepFocus #Team 🤗 ...

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Anyone can slap widgets and templates together.

A professional web designer creates solutions to business problems and brings higher conversion rates.

While an unprofessional only knows how they want their site to look. A professional focuses on what the website will DO!!!

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At Deep Focus we make the web work for you, bring in business and conversion rates.

We are trained in how websites influence your customers behavior to buy yours product, services and reshare your content on social media, etc.

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