Dream. Position. Generate. Convert.

If you have taken the first step, we will help you take the rest. We have served over 300 clients since 2008, helping both growing and established brands get more out of their digital marketing efforts. We take ownership of the entire SEO cycle – from on-page to off-page, covering both organic and paid initiatives.


    Local Search

    Get Found When It Matters the Most.
    The distance between your business and your local customers is the small. We help you bridge it with our Local Search Ranking Expertise. Whether you are a school, a law firm or a local business – being visible in your local market is great for business. You get more efficient conversion by focusing on a concentrated market and high-intent searches.


    Organic Ranking Program

    Become an Opinion Leader.
    There are several ways to get 1st Page Results for a list of keywords. But, nothing works as well as the good old content marketing, link building and organic ranking initiatives. We run a comprehensive Organic Ranking Program for you, that goes from content marketing to promotions and getting high-authority, DoFollow Backlinks


    Paid Search

    Maximize ROI for Every Marketing Penny Invested.
    Paid Search Ads have a conversion rate between 2%-5%. Hence, optimizing every single angle of Paid Search Campaigns is crucial. We use our data-backed processes, insight-driven iterative approach and hyper-focus on conversion to get the maximum out of all your Paid Search investments.

    Why DeepFocus? Beyond the Cool Name.

    We know it sounds great.

    But the reason you should consider us is – we bridge the gap between your target scenario and your best case scenario.


    Google Certified

    We have been producing results for a while now. You can ask Google about it.


    Visually Strong Reporting

    We know your time is precious. We update you on every step of the process, with strong, visualized reports.


    12+ Years of Experience in Delivering Results

    We have been helping businesses grow with better returns on their SEO offerings since 2008. Longevity gives access to timeless knowledge and that is what helps us deliver superior results.


    Feedback Driven, Analytical Systems

    We don’t work with a template for SEO. We work on iterations, rigorous testing and feedback.


    Technology for Amplifying Results

    To complement your SEO practices, we bring expertise in Yoast Plugins, WordPress SEO and MailChimp.


    Strategic Lead Conversion Process

    The end goal is not just to rank on the SERP; it’s business growth and conversion. We know this and have built our entire portfolio of offerings around it.

    Beyond the Jargons: Search Engine Optimization.

    As a marketer, we love efficient language as much as you do. Jargons save time. But, sometimes, they also miss the minor details. SEO is the set of activities you do in order to get better ranking for a group of queries on Google. There are two broad categories of these activities: Paid & Organic and On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.



    1. Pay to get ranked. Target a set of keywords and run text ads in SERP to show your landing page links for every Google query on the term.

    2. Standard conversion rates in India are around 2%.

    3. You go through a bidding process to ensure your ad is in the top results. Pay Per Click, View or Conversion are common methods.



    1. Develop relevant content and optimize your website to show up on a specific set of keywords. The focus is on optimizing and creative valuable content.

    2. Conversion rates are not standardized. You can perform much better than your industry peers.

    3. Valuable content + Great Page Experience =Better Ranking.

    Common Areas: Focusing on keyword groups, local queries, segmentation,

    targeting & positioning play an equally important role.


    On-Page Optimization

    Google sends crawlers through your page to analyse the content and the content’s quality. We work with you to ensure that every element of your website is optimized as per Google’s ongoing standards.

    Off-Page Optimization

    It’s similar to PR. You reach out to high-authority non-competing websites in your vertical and ask for references that generate backlinks. Why would they give you a reference? You produce something in the form of a product, service or content that is valuable to their audience. Or, you share a common goal.


    How Does Our Result-Driven

    SEO Process Work?


    Free SEO Audit

    We start with an audit to study how does your website rank, in line with your industry peers and local businesses.

    Strategy Formulation

    We work with you to establish a strategy. We cover Research, Optimization, Campaign Ideas and structure an Action Plan for you.

    One-Off vs Retained Services

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    Reporting + Result Discussion + Feedback + Iteration

    Once we have on-boarded you onto our systems and processes, we update you on every significant and minute result, depending on your requirements. We constantly run Feedback Loops for improving the results and have an iterative approach.