Automated Email


Leverage the power of automation to upgrade your email marketing campaigns.

Communication is a two-way street. Make your audience respond with powerful automated email campaigns!

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Benefits of a Automation Email

  • Email automation is a powerful tool that can help to reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Conveying the right message in the right context and at the right time can work wonders for your business.
  • Sending automated emails can provide you with the required flexibility to prioritise important tasks at hand.
  • Communication in the contemporary digital age is highly time-sensitive and email automation can help you knock the right digital doors at the right moment.

Types of Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing automation is facilitated by software that handles and manages routine and repetitive marketing tasks without any explicit need for manual intervention.
  • The marketing team within an organization can use automation to simplify a wide range of marketing tasks including social media posting, ad campaigns management, email marketing, etc.
  • Marketing automation has a very broad purview and entails a wide range of automation activities that aid in overcoming marketing-related challenges.
E-commerce Automation

E-commerce Automation

  • In today’s internet-powered digital era, most brick-and-mortar stores have a dot com address.
  • E-commerce has grown at a phenomenal pace over the past decade and this trend is unstoppable.
  • To keep up with the ever-evolving demands from customers, brands have to rely on powerful e-commerce automation technologies that help in executing ideas in the right manner.
  • From abandoned cart recovery to personalized suggestion and inventory management, Mailchimp expert automation helps a great deal in successfully running an e-commerce business.
Date Based Event Automation

Date Based Event Automation

  • Did you know that the average attention span of online users is approximately 8 seconds?
  • Well, it can be hard to keep the users interested since they are occupied with different things.
  • Not communicating the message at the right time can drastically reduce the probability of success.
  • The date-based event automation system leverages cutting-edge technology to save you from these hazards.
  • You can draft important campaigns based on date and time conditions such as ‘wait until’ actions, else statements, ‘goal’ actions and the likes.
General Journey

General Journey

  • Converting a prospective customer in the first go is always preferred but it hardly happens.
  • The first marketing advertisement ignites a spark if the customer finds it relevant.
  • However, convincing them to buy what you are offering requires additional effort.
  • It can be tough and daunting to keep a track of website visitors who aren’t buying.
  • Email automation experts can help you automate the general journey of prospective customers by leveraging powerful automation tools.
Transactional Email Automation

Transactional Email Automation

  • Transactional emails are different from the usual marketing emails, they are triggered by events, user interaction or preference on a website or mobile application.
  • These are sent with the intent to assist the users with their purchases. Businesses are leveraging the power of transactional email software to create and manage personalized action-triggered emails.
  • These emails could range from order confirmation updates to password resets and membership renewal notifications.