Ecommerce Expert

About Me

“A constant influx of coal is needed to keep the steam engine running, same goes with keeping your websites on top. You have to constantly put in good content and optimise it for the search engine”


Organic marketing is among the most sustainable growth strategies for brands in the digital era. As an SEO Expert at Deep Focus, Rubina plays a vital role in building the organic presence of brands, making discovery easier for customers on search engine giants like Google. From content strategy to search

engine optimization and team building, Rubina wears many hats at Deep Focus.

She has always been an avid reader and content writing comes quite naturally to her. Understanding a brand’s vision in totality and communicating the same to customers without losing its essence is her forte. Rubina firmly believes that maintaining an optimum work-life balance is an art and she has mastered the same.

From winning debating competitions to doing Nukkad Natak and stand-up comedies, she has excelled in all her endeavours. Elon Musk is one of her favourite role models whom she admires for his out of the box thinking and flawless execution.