Vijay Mathurthi

SEO Expert

About Me

“SEO is an indispensable aspect of online marketing as it contributes extensively to the traffic share of brands that are inclined towards sustainable growth.”

As an SEO Expert, Vijay plays a crucial role in boosting the organic reach and presence of clients at Deep Focus. The aim is to maximise the revenue sustainably using organic sources. Delivering consistent results to clients using on-page and off- page optimisation techniques is something
that Vijay has mastered as an SEO expert throughout his career.

He believes that website architecture plays a crucial role in increasing the conversion rate. A meticulously planned website architecture along with SEO optimization can be a game-changer for brands looking to maximise revenue without solely relying on paid advertisement channels. Vijay firmly believes in choosing the right intent keywords when it comes to SEO optimization. He feels that if the ‘intent’ is missing, the result could be high traffic but low sales because the value for the website visitors will not be optimal.

Using his SEO proficiency, Vijay has generated millions in revenue for clients at Deep Focus which he also considers among his biggest achievements. Vijay is also a tech enthusiast who takes a special interest in learning how technology and automation will transform our living.