Bottom line is in this digital era we cant be successful without have an automation strategy in place. I touched this topic of Automation in my previous blog over here – : Digital Marketing – Best Tips to use Mailchimp, However I felt this topic deserves a blog of its own. All though I can talk for days about Marketing Automations but today I just want to touch some important points.

Welcome Emails to Subscribers

15 years in the Email Marketing Business I have always felt like the Open rates is a pressing issue.. We kind of have to accept a major chunk of our list just wont open our Emails? Why is that so.. They are usually not expecting an email from us and we have probably got them in the wrong time. That’s where Welcome Emails rule the roost in Opens. I generally observe a whopping open rate of 60-80% for Welcome Emails. The answer is simple really they are active, engaged and very sensitive to receiving communication when they subscribe. It just makes sense!

Email Series

Don’t want to be tied down with your Weekly / Biweekly Campaigns or Routine Follow ups with your Leads. Whether its Leads or your old customers, “Being in their mind” is extremely important, It has a high recall value and for maturing leads its natural to keep communicating with them. Go into your new Journey Planner and just create a Journey, Choose the number of emails, timings, etc and sit back enjoy!
We have discussed in more detail about a case study for Email Automation Series for a New Jersey based Accountant Firm, You can read it here.

E-commerce Automations

For E-commerce Automation this is where Mailchimp truly shines in all its Glory. Online Stores thrive on Emails and if Emails are the King of ROI then Abandoned Cart Emails are the King of Emails.. Haha

In one of my older case studies on How we got old school bass fishing pro get back to what he loves doing the most? I discussed the topic of E-commerce automation is detail. Infact we were honoured to be featured on Mailchimp Official Newsletter, feel free to Click here to see the original article published by Mailchimp.

Happy Birthday

Well who doesn’t love a good old warm Birthday wish. Crafting a nice Email on Birthdays is like a warm hug to your subscribers. There is nothing more personalised than a Happy Birthday. Pack in a special surprise maybe in the form of a Discount Coupon or maybe a little something for your old customers and you have a very powerful Email Automation right here.


Event Based Automations

Now for the “Power Marketers” Automation can take a whole together new meaning when we truly harness the various Integration and Events based Triggers in Mailchimp. You can automate Email practically based on any event whether is a subscriber activity on your webpage, a change in their record, and many more. I have touched about this in great details one of my Case Studies for a Email Automation and CRM integration project we did for a well known Financial Advisory in Australia.