Bentleys is a prominent financial & business advisory organization established in Australia. The organization aims at providing all kinds of strategic and financial solutions to businesses all across the world. It is home to a staff of over five hundred people working across its seventeen offices in three different countries. Bentley’s magnificent international network with 39 Equity Partners and 84 other alliances puts them amongst the top contenders of their industry.

Financial advisors face many challenges on a regular basis from managing enormous information, fulfilling client expectations, to providing trust and support to their clients.

The branch office of Bentleys in Perth, Australia, was also facing this challenge of managing an abundance of client information. The significance of accurately noting down every small detail described by their clients is extremely crucial. All the little details shared by the client attributes in understanding the insights and further provide an adequate solution to the problem.

To accumulate every small detail of the client’s problems and provide them with improved solutions, Bentleys made a collaboration with us to develop a custom reporting system for their financial advisors.

Our development teams on researching came across 32 common business challenges that investors and businesses were facing. Our expertise teams helped to break down those problems under five major classifications:

1. Priorities
2. Indicators
3. Causes
4. Short Term Solutions
5. Long Term solutions

By embedding a range of solutions for these problems in our custom web application, we successfully managed to deliver a top-notch web solution to Bentleys.


The Process

The financial advisors use the web app as a guide to get real-time solutions while they are conversing with the client on call. The web application processes through a variety of steps to complete its operation such as:


1. Firstly, the web application projects forty common problems that most businesses are facing.


2. The advisor asks clients numerous questions about their problems as guided by the application and inputs their answer to the system.


3. The application by using the conditional algorithm stated in its functioning provides the possible causes and indicators of those problems.


4. Additional comments can be added in the app for better understanding and second opinion with seniors.


5. After filling in all the required details, the application processes the data and generates a comprehensive report for the problem with all the feasible solutions.


6. The report gets auto forwarded to senior financial advisor along with a follow up proposal.



7. The senior officials on studying the insights of the report and data collected further carry out the process with the client.


8. Apart from delivering solutions to the problems, the application also synchronizes the client data with Mailchimp. Using those details, automated emails and monthly newsletters are sent to the customer for better customer engagement.


Automation is one of the master keys for boosting the growth of any organization. By leveraging the use of automated custom reporting application, Bentleys enjoyed the following benefits:


Bentleys served over 800 new investors.
The revenue of their organization doubled.
The custom application by collecting the data of the clients, improve customer acquisitions and further benefits in raising brand engagement.