Ever growing AD Inventory of Social Media, Hundreds and Thousands of Companies jumping into the Digital Marketing Bandwagon and millions of Students Graduating every year with the ambition to become suave marketers in this new Digital Era.


Fact Check

Our total population of the world is 7 Billion, Do you know how many Blogs there are on the Internet right now as of 7th August 2021.
A Whopping 1 Billion plus!

Do We really need so much content?

I guess question to ask is Do we really need 1 Blog for every 7 People in this Planed?

The Bottom line is there is too much of low quality content on the internet, It watering down the effectiveness of marketing, desensitising consumers towards promotional content, ads, etc.

All these factors combined and using this as a clue of where we are going in the post pandemic future there is an urgent need for really good quality

How does Mailchimp fit into the Picture?

  • It’s a tool that literally keeps your Content and Data at the centre of everything you do.

Working with a lot of Event Marketing Agencies, Schools & Colleges, Universities, Law Firms and News Publishers what I have realised is that my Clients literally demand us to use Mailchimp for their Email and Social Media Marketing. All though Mailchimp does a lot more than just Emails and Social Media the one de-facto that makes them choose Mailchimp is its brilliant and easy to use editor. Content writers and designers do not want to be held back and enjoy the creative liberty Mailchimp provides to them to produce high quality content.

  • Integrates with your Website and helps engage with your Website Traffic

So not only can you do outbound marketing, the highest conversions come from inbound marketing. It’s the “Path of least Resistance” if you at it from a Marketing standpoint. Potential Clients who have visited your website and already know about your Brand which be that much more open and sensitive to receiving communication from you. So Integrate Google Analytics with your Audience and Integrate Mailchimp tracking code with your Website so that you can do remarketing of website visitors directly from your Mailchimp AD tool.

  • Integrates with your Social Media

Yet another major advantage of having a “Swiss Army Knife” of Digital Marketing. With so many different channels and all of them with their own set of idiosyncrasies life is so much easier when you can control your entire Digital Marketing 360 degrees from one platform. I often refer to Mailchimp Dashboard as “Mission Control”. You can create Social Posts, AD, Retarget AD to your website visitors as well as your existing audience.

The one trick i often use is retarget my non-openers on Social Media using the Mailchimp retarget ADS. There will always be a segment of your subscribers who dont open your emails, its just that everybody has their channels where they are more likely to engage. The advantage here is that when you have a place where all your Data of Customers and Subscribers is in one simple easy to manage dashboard. It’s super easy to create segment of people who “DO NOT OPEN” you last 20 Emails and then run a retarget AD to that segment using social media tool within Mailchimp.

  • Use it as your all in one CRM

This is the one thing yet again that Mailchimp does oh so well! You can save your Subscribers, Non Subscribers all in one place. Create Merge Fields, Groups and Tags to find a Lead or a Customers whenever you need. If you have a team with many people doing various faucets of marketing even more important to have a tool like Mailchimp Audiences where everyone can come back to and refer to the rich data saved of your Customers and Subscribers. You can segment based on any tags, fields, historical data like open rates, clicks, campaign activity, purchase activity as just a few of the many options available within segments.

  • POSTCARDS!, Yes I said it – When Inboxes are full yet Mailboxes are empty

Do you know you can send beautifully designed Paper Postcards. YES the real postcards.

And the best part ? If you don’t have postal addresses of your subscribers – No worries. Mailchimp has inbuilt address finder which will locate the postal address of your subscribers and you can send amazing personal and handcrafted postcards to your list.

  • Makes Life Easier – Automates your Marketing, Increases your Productivity

You have one head and two hands, right? It can be exhausting if you do routine tasks repeatedly or just completely ignore them due to time availability. Mailchimp works for you even when you are not. Automations are such a crucial part of our daily lives, they are every where like Traffic Lights, Alarm Clocks, Toaster, Washing Machine or something as simple as a Door Closer.

Bottom line is in this digital era we cant be successful without have an automation strategy in place. Some of the automations you can achieve with Mailchimp are – :

  • Welcome Emails
  • Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Email Series
  • Trigger based Emails
  • Date based Emails
  • AD Campaigns and many many more!!