A to Z Email Marketing

From A Team Certified Mailchimp PRO Partners, Deep Focus, takes on the universe of Email Marketing in a easy to understand step by step guide in the form of a series of 26 articles. Each Article will cover an important topic starting from Alphabet A to Z.


A for Audience – A2Z of Email Marketing Series

In the A-Z of Email Marketing, Figuratively as well as critically the most important start is Audience. Unlike other forms of marketing, Email Marketing uses a data first approach. The data to precise is of your target customers / prospects which in Email terms is called “Audience”. In Mailchimp the Subscriber lists are managed in the “Audience” section.

Deep Focus has done extensive research in Email Marketing for last 15 years and observed Mailchimp as not just a great tool for Email Marketing but CRM point of view management of Audience.

To Understand more about how to manage Audience a detailed article is provided here: