Well, We guys at the Team Deep Focus are plant enthusiasts and make efforts growing Trees, However, I actually wanted to discuss about SEO today and how closely it resembles the growth pattern of a Chinese Bamboo Tree. To start with by SEO I mean “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is the art and science of Analysing a Business from the point of view of its Website and taking necessary steps in order to make the Website easily findable and accessible. The Primary source of Traffic for any Website today is Search Engines, more specifically Google followed by Bing. So an SEO expert Optimizes content of the Webpages to make it Searchable and then creates sizeable updations Externally as well as Internally on the various platforms of the Web to make the Website for visible on search engine listings. The steps that are taken are closely monitored for any changes in Listings / Rankings and then countermeasures are taken if rankings drop. The above is an ongoing repeatable exercise with the sole goal being Gettings Websites on the much elusive “Top pages” of Google. As an SEO expert working on several projects for the last 6 years I can easily say its not always an easy or predictable outcome. Often Times SEO activities result in nothing or even worst a drop in Rankings and When you play your cards right you are rewarded with Highers rankings and thereby getting more visitor traffic!

I was reading about the Chinese Bamboo Tree and I couldn’t help feel empathetic towards the person who nurtures the Tree. Those of you who don’t know the Chinese Bamboo Tree does not grow out of the surface for 4 years despite constant nurturing and care. Its only on the 5th year the Tree Shoots our and remarkably grows to almost 90 feet in 1 week.
Its almost like you can watch the Tree Grow! SEO is much similar to the Chinese Bamboo Tree. When we set out on the SEO Journey the first few months can be frustrating with no changes in the Google Rankings, but with proper and regular updations, path corrections and strategizing the rankings start making the upward trend. When a Website starts getting more visibility on search results this usually turns out into better Conversions and Sales for the Business. This is the point where a Business starts getting the fruits of its investment and the return in Sales to start to pay for the SEO expenses.

To Those of you who are wondering what’s taking their Bamboo Tree so long, hang on and stay focused. For any queries or consultation,

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