• A set of platforms where a user can share information with a circle of friends.
  • And these friends can choose to read it and engage with it by liking,replying or sharing this futher.

How social media is different and what makes it effective?

  • Allows people to share their opinions with the audience of their choice,or publicly.
  • It also allows people to receive opinions from people of thier choice.
  • Share opinion, get opinion,judge someone’s opinion, ask questions, get answers,discover new things and learn more
  • Instant Messaging,Instant response.
  • Instant Understanding of how a message is perceived.
  • Both Individual and Mass Outreach.
And therefore, people are using Social Media to stay upto date with news, brands & organization.

Major Social Media Platforms


  • Biggest social network in the world.
  • Mainly used for personal information consuming and sharing.


  • Biggest professional social network in the world.
  • Mainly used for professional information consumption and sharing


  • Instant sharing of opinions in 140 words with the whole world.
  • Mainly used to get updates Mainly used to get updates from celebrities, brands, and friends.


  • Photo sharing platform mainly accessed through smartphones.
  • Use to keep up to date with friend’s pictures. Recently from brands also.


  • Image sharing platform.
  • Mainly used to see what images friends, designers, influencers share publicly.

The Opportunities for Companies

Become visible in people’s social media updates by:

  • Creating content that interests them, and then encourages them to follow you.
  • Repeatedly creating content that keeps them interested in order to gain top of mind awareness.
  • Targeting them with an ad that interests them to click on it to follow you or visit your website.
  • Repeating different sets of ads to keep them interested in your company, product or service
Getting them to trust you so they contact you or visit your office

Content Is Important.

Any person is on social media for one reason.

 To Connect with and Follow

  • People
  • Brands
  • Media
So to become a part of this relevant, every day activity, you need to create good, relevant content