Whether you are a Business owner launching your own website or a Web Designer / Developer, The one piece of advise that I would like to give you is that before you spend any sort of Money on Hosting, SSL, CDN, Mail Servers take the time to talk to a Hosting Expert, try to get some clearance and some peace of mind that that what you are embarking on is going to be worth it, because when somebody comes to me “we are ready, we are ready to go” the worst thing for me is to deliver bad news !

These are some important factors to consider for your Hosting – :


  1. Platform – : If your Website is built on CMS like WordPress or Joomla you would require a Hosting Company that provides support for MYSql Database, PHP Scripts and should have enough server resources to run a WordPress site efficiently
  2. Purpose of Website – : There will be factors specific to your particular nature of business which might affect your Hosting for example – :
    Bloggers –  If you are a blogger you will need to update website very regularly, will have new content. You should look for Hosting companies that provide quality support and manage the technical issues at their backend.
    E-commerce Websites – : The most critical aspect about these type of websites is that Ecommerce websites depend on online transactions and the security of website has to be super tight.
    Personal Websites – : If you are individual Business owner / Professional / Freelancer developing a Brochure website or Portfolio you will require Hosting service that provides you easy to use tools to install and deploy website.
WordPress Tutorial: Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Professional Website

What makes our Hosting Service Special



Our Service provides Storage space which is sufficient to run your websites for years.


Optimized for SEO

While SEO depends a lot on Onpage activities, Content and offpage backlinks, At a hosting level we ensure the IP addresses of our server have good reputation which helps in SEO credibility and faster visibility. 



We take special measures to ensure our Hosting Servers are optimized for running your website even if you have high traffic or heavy pages. One important factor that we work on is CDN Service. To learn more about it we have a special article about it here “Optimizing your WordPress website for High Speed and Fast Loading



We provide SSL Certificate free of cost to our websites hosted with us.