Project : Vrij Brief
Concerning the editing projects section i have the following question. Is it possible to add another link for the partnerlink. When you click on it now on our homepage you get redirect to another page on our website (we want it to be possible to direct it directly to another page) for instance

Step 1

Go to Projects and and Click edit next to a Partner or Artist post

Step 2

Now just scroll to the botton of the editor page and you will the option to Tick Exteral url and then type your custom website url.
See below the next challenge of adding a DJ to the homepage: I don’t now how to display a new DJ on the homepage. I create a new DJ under projects (I call it DJ4) I don’t understand the code. I don’t see any numbers to add (like with partners). Furthermore, I don’t understand how the dividers work. Can you please help me?

The Dividers are actually spacers

Click here to edit DJS

delete shortcode of old carousel of artists

Click on this icon to insert new carousel

Here you can add the id of artist you want and then insert and save

> When i adjust the first picture on the homepage (the black with vrijbrief logo) it does not change on mobile?

Please see you have to edit seperate header for mobile and seperate for desktops