Mailchimp vs Sendinblue

First Let us understand briefly the 2 technologies


What they sell | Full-service digital

Marketing platform Website |

Stats | Founded in 2007. HQ in Paris, with offices in Berlin, Seattle and Delhi


  • What they sell | All in one CRM, 360 degree Digital Marketing platform.

  • Stats | Founded in 2001. HQ in Atlanta, with offices in New York, Chicago and California.
  • Both the Technologies are SAAS based and used for Marketing. While Sendinblue positions itself as “All your digital tools in one place” on the other Hand Mailchimp positions itself as the “All in one marketing CRM”. Sendinblue offers email, SMS and landing pages, and its automations can be triggered by clicks, opens and site visits. However, it doesn’t offer many tools that small businesses rely on, including site and store builders or custom domain capabilities.
    Mailchimp offers Emails, SMS, Landing pages as well as many advanced features such as Custom domains, Automation in Journey Planner, Social Media Integration with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It also provided end-end integration with Google ADS and Google Analytics. Mailchimp does not stop there, it goes above and beyond and provides companies to manage their offline marketing by allowing Postcard service also to the contacts. The Mailchimp Customer Journey is a very easy to build and manage automation system.
  • Sendinblue’s main USP is cheaper pricing. It’s message is “Stop paying more”. Because sendinblue charges by sends, rather than contacts, it can be slightly less expensive for some customers. But the pricing isn’t universally lower. In addition, it simply doesn’t offer as many marketing features as Mailchimp.
    For some customers the difference in pricing is a consideration to choose sendinblue but one of the major drawbacks that we have observed in our tests is poor deliverability of emails going out from Sendinblue. Overall Mailchimp as a 99.9% Delivery rate and it has a much more transparent sending policy with even declaring its server status live for their customers. Click here to see Mailchimp Server Stats.

Feature Comparison



Costs vary based on number of sends.
Explore the sendinblue pricing page.

Costs vary based on number of contacts.
Explore the Mailchimp pricing page.

Marketing Channels

Email Marketing, Chat Support, SMS, Push Notifications, Remarketing Ads, Social Posts, Landing Pages

Email Marketing, Remarketing Ads, Social Ads, Organic Social Posts, Signup Forms, Landing Pages, Domains, Postcards, Transactional Email

Top Features

Visual Automation Builder, Transactional Email, Tagging, Segmentation, Chat Support, Contact Management, Advanced Open & Click Stats, A/B Testing

Custom Templates, CRM, Segmentation, Behavioral Targeting, Multi-step & Event-based Automation Workflows, Advanced Audience Insights, Campaign Benchmarking, Smart Recommendations, A/B Testing

Apps / Integrations

70+ apps & integrations

280+ apps & integrations

Mobile App

iOS and Android

iOS and Android


While sendinblue offers great email tools, SMS, and landing pages, Mailchimp has more tools and integrations commonly used by small businesses.