Yoke Design – Australia

Yoke Design – Australia

Yoke Design, A renowned Australian Design Firm was after a well-coded, responsive Landing page and Thank you page. They particulary likes style and formats from unbouncepages.com.\n\nA bit on the functionality:\n- The main page will be similar to unbounce style landing pages templates , with a form that sends an email to the admin, and then forwards the user to a thank you page.\n- The thank you page has a newsletter sign up form that pre-populates the fields with the info from the first form on the main page. This should be linked to MailChimp.\n- Google Tag Manager code installation.\n- AddThis social media sharing buttons on the thank you page that shares the main page\’s URL.\n\nThe goal was to make the template responsive, follow web coding best practice and work on all browsers. url : http://yokedesign.com.au/landing-page/

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