Date : 3rd May, Venue : Country Inn and & Suites

It was early morning hours : 7:39 AM The time I’m most happy to be in my own Bed. But this was not an usual Tuesday Morning for me. I was invited to Give a Presentation on Digital Marketing in front of 50+ Beady Eyes Looking forward to decode the mysteries of the Digital World. It’s not so often I find myself to be at the centre of Attention, Im the rather the opposite. Most comfortable Working in the safety of my cosey Office wearing my old jeans, scruffy jacket sipping my cup of Bru Coffee and Skype(ing) with my Clients from some other time zone.

The Ball room at the Country Inn & Suites (Gurgaon) was filled with Enterpreneurs and Corporate from different industries waiting to hear about Digitial Marketing and its nuances. The Confrence started sharp at 8:00AM and I could barely focus my mind on the speaker and mundane announcements. The Nervous wait was over and at 8:30 am I was called to give my presentation.

The presentation started off well, There were early nervous jitters which i swiftly overcomed after passing on to the 2nd slide and slowly when I started looking at the Audience and explaining about Online Trends I started feeling at Home.

BNI Business Devlopment-Deepfocus
BNI Business Devlopment-Deepfocus

By the time i reached my Last slide I could feel a sense of satisfaction and actually I was amazed at the level of Interest generated over Digital Marketing by the Audience. Over the course of the Networking session I exchanged business cards with 20 different Entrepreneurs who needed our services.
So overall not a Bad Place to spend your early morning. It was a productive outing and gave me real insights how Companies perceive Digital Marketing and Selling online

As the presentation gradually progressed I could sense lack of Engagement from the Audience so I tried to focus less on the Nitty Gritty’s and Technical Jargons and started asking questions directly to the Audience “How many people know Analytics”, “Is your Website Responsive ? ” , “Do you know percentage of mobile viewers ? “. As the participation increased the Audience attention got in sync with the Subject of my Slides.

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