Top 10 ways you can speed up your WordPress Blog

No.1 – Choose a Good Hosting Service.
Your Server should have enough resource to provide a short server response time (that is the time a server takes to be contacted)

Of course once the server gets the request it should have enough CPU Core and RAM to process the various Database calls within your WordPress site and send back the content.

Some good Hosting solutions are GetFlywheel, Siteground & Godaddy. 

We are experts in setting up WordPress on above hosting solutions. 

No.2 – Optimize your Content for fast delivery
Needless to say the most obvious suspect for slow loading site are the Media. Mainly its the images used in a webpage that take maximum time to load.
If you are designing images or editing photos in a tool like Photoshop you can always save images optimized for the web.
As a rule of the thumb we recommend using images less than 200kb in size.
Their are plently of great plugins available that optimize your images automatically, Some of them are – : Jetpack, Smush, Imagify.

No.3 – Use a CDN 
A CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network” . The most popular service that we also recommend is Cloudflaire. 
A CDN works really well in conjunction with a Cloud Storage Servce, but that is for advanced users so we will explain Cloud Storage in a separate Blog. 

No.4 – : Less is more
Another effective way of making your website more efficient is minifying CSS and Javascript files. There are plugins available that do that for you.

No.5 – : Use a good Cache service

If you are using any of the hosting solutions we have recommended above they do provide native Cache solution which make the experience for users so much better as they faciliate temporary storage of content in their “Cached Memory” which basically means it cuts down Servers usage of processing power.

No.6 -: Choose your Theme and Plugins carefully 
There are certain themes and plugins that take more time than usual, while their are amazing themes and plugins available if you search in the right places which follow the best guidlines and go through a rigid testing process. A Theme that we highly recommend is DIVI by Elegant themes.