Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first in the series of onboarding emails that is sent to a new customer. It can range from subscription confirmation notifications to post-purchase updates.


Email Series


Drip email marketing uses a series of automated emails that target prospects after they have taken a specific action on an online platform. A drip campaign can help to improve the ROI of your sales outreach efforts.


Behaviour-based Conditional Email


As the name suggests, behaviour-based conditional emails are those emails that are sent after a pre-specified condition is met. These pre-specified conditions are related to the customer’s behaviour. One can also use conditional content with tags based on certain interests to personalize content.


Popup Signup Automation


The goal of your popup signup forms on the website should be to convert your visitors into potential leads. Popup signup automation allows you to conveniently collect important user data.