Sean Cook, Vice-President of Marketing, MailChimp

2017 Started with a bang for Deep Focus Projects flying off from table like hot cakes.

To add to my joy of working online, I was invited to MailChimp Partner Program meet up organized in Mumbai in February.

I jumped at the opportunity and booked myself a ticket to one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
MailChimp’s Interface, Deliverability and Support are par excellence to say the least.

MailChimp Team

On 9th February, had the honor to meet Asst to CEO , UI Design Head & Vice President, MailChimp.
I was greeted by big honchos of MailChimp ,Shalini Vohra, Mr. Sean Cook & Maurene, UI Design Head, MailChimp.

As an official Expert in MailChimp and being accredited in their Official Expert Program, Sean was interested to know what kind of services related to their product are sought after by my Clients.
We addressed relevance of Email Marketing, Engagement, Deliverability.

They even proposed partnership program between MailChimp and its service providers.
Sean brainstormed to me on how we can improvise MailChimp further.

I took the liberty to suggest addition of Landing Page Functionality in MailChimp as it ups the ante result wise.

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