J for Journey Planning in A to Z of Email Marketing

#A2Z of Email Marketing: J for Journeys

At Deep Focus one our main area of specialization in lifecycle marketing. Lifecycle Marketing is the understanding of looking at a business as journey and doing the right steps according to the journey of business and its customers.

When we talk about Journey we refer to the roadmap of various audiences a business communicates with.

The Audiences

All though segments can depend on business strategy. We would like to start with basic 4 audiences which are – :

  • New Leads
  • Old Leads
  • New Customers
  • Old Customers


The Different type of Communication to different Customers is important.
We have authored book specialically to explain the communication in detail-:

The flow chart below explains the types of communications for each segment

So you see that once you start imagining your audience into 4 different segments, you can plan campaigns around them which are specific to their needs.

For example a New Lead you can send

Intro Email,
Promotional Emails

For Old Leads you can send

Follow ups
Informational Emails
Educational Blogs

For Old Customers you can send

Upsell / Cross Sell

And for New Customers you can send

Onboarding Email
Upsell / Cross selling Email
Support Emails

What are the next steps

Once you have a Roadmap of your customers planned thats not enough. A Good Customer Journey should be automated. These are things that need to be done many times. Everytime a new lead comes, Everytime an old lead converts into a Customer, etc.

In our older article we have further elaborated on how you can create these Journey’s within Mailchimp. Read the article here: