Google 360 view provides a Panoramic view of your location on Google Maps. This is a special feature added by Google and requires 360 Camera Photography to produce pictures that Google Map can accept. This new feature is very important specially for Those who operate in the consumer/shopper space and have a physical presence. This is very transactional and basic, but represents a key element in omni channel approach, where customer touchpoint is.. and one where a business can track traffic movement through analytics. Lends more credibility in the ROI leaning clients. This enables tagging and locating of Businesses, Retail points, Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, Guest houses, Resorts, Manufacturing facilities, showrooms, etc on Google Maps… cross connected to physical outlets/locations, that are visible digitally on Maps in searches. This is a form of digital marketing with attached professional imagery of a physical location, which helps in online promotion. As an accredited GTP – Google Trusted Photographer, we create business View 360 Panoramic tours under the Google Street View program. Would be happy to connect with Owners of businesses, digital marketing agencies, advertising agencies for better understanding of this mode of marketing or offer our services. Feel free to contact us or call on +91 9899445057 for further details.