Financial Evolution through Marketing Automation- A Deep Focus & EFM Success Saga

About Executive Financial Management Inc.

Headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey, the Executive Financial Management INC. (EFM) was established in 1987 by Mr Salvatore J. Vetri with the mission to offer an exhaustive package of CFO services to a diverse clientele. Today, the firm specializes in providing professional financial consulting services to high net-worth individuals and businesses across the North American continent.

The Missing Links

The global COVID-19

The global COVID-19 pandemic redefined the idea of normalcy and forced people to switch to a new normal. The digital infrastructure powered by the internet had taken the driver’s seat. It compelled businesses to create a sound digital portal for customers and other stakeholders and deliver a quality online experience.

EFM was not immune to this technologically evolving business landscape. Improving the customer experience has always been a top priority for the company.

Therefore, a digital transformation plan was meticulously put together to deliver uninterrupted financial services with exceptional customer experience.

The primary objective of EFM was to develop a ‘Single Source of Truth’ to streamline and manage all customer data in one place for added convenience. The ‘Single Source of Truth’ is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database which allows the company to manage different operational activities, such as streamlining billing, managing marketing campaigns, and generating leads & follow-ups.

In addition to this, EFM also needed a precise marketing strategy for offering services to high-value investors just before the commencement of the tax season. Since people are more receptive to tax savings and other financial propositions around the tax period, the timing for marketing was just right. The idea was to bridge the gap between investors and their financial objectives using EFM’s financial consultation services.

Our Approach

Our Approach
The name ‘Deep Focus’ is very suggestive of the strategy we deploy to help our clients overcome the challenges they face. Needless to say, we took a ‘deep dive’ into EFM’s core problems to understand the missing link and develop a customized solution for the same. Understanding the problem requires learning about the target audience as much as possible.
Since EGMGMT primarily serves high net-worth individuals and businesses, we understood that the sales cycle would be longer than usual. Therefore, a comprehensive consultation session is required to assess the clients’ needs before a business proposal is sent and deals are closed. It also requires timely follow-ups through calls and emails to update prospects on each stage of development.

We meticulously planned and devised a robust marketing strategy that would improve EFM’s existing customers’ experiences and increase the revenue multiple folds. First, we leveraged Salesforce to create a dynamic CRM interface. It was followed by setting up a well-planned process for sales callers to follow up on leads through calls and update the customer’s information to the CRM database in real-time.

Solution Methodology

Solution Methodology

Here is a detailed explanation of how our solution designed to tackle EFM’s core problems was executed to achieve the set objectives.

  1. Setting up the Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the pioneer in offering customer relationship management software to improve customer experience and accomplish different marketing objectives. We started with setting up a Salesforce CRM that would help EFM to create a dynamic customer database and follow up on leads through a single dashboard. After setting up the CRM, the existing leads and customer data were imported into the Salesforce CRM portal.

  1. Integrating website landing pages with Salesforce

 The next step was integrating the website landing pages with the CRM. It was done to funnel new leads generated into the Salesforce portal automatically. The main goal was to eliminate duplication of efforts in the lead generation process. In addition, it provided sales callers with more time to follow up on leads and convert prospects as they didn’t have to manually input information for the leads generated.

  1. Developing lead stages and a process for sales callers 

The sales cycle for converting high-net-worth individuals is prolonged since it requires a detailed consultation before the deal can materialize. Traditionally, everything was done by the consultants themselves. Therefore, there was a need to develop a well-planned process that could help sales callers boost their productivity while following up with clients and recording their information. We created a streamlined digital process that could categorize the leads into different stages as per the development in the sales cycle.

  1. Mailchimp setup and campaign automation 

Categorizing leads into different stages proved to be a game-changer. A personalized follow-up email could be sent to optimize conversions depending on the lead stage. To execute this strategy, we set up a Mailchimp account for EFM and automated campaigns by integrating Salesforce and Mailchimp. The main marketing objective here was to create compelling email excerpts that would induce investors to schedule a meeting call by clicking on the ‘Schedule a call’ button. 

  1. Creating a questionnaire to learn about the client’s need 

The meeting calls were entertained by qualified sales professionals who used a detailed questionnaire to learn about the client’s needs. The information gathered through the questionnaire was used to understand more about the specific requirements of different clients. At this stage, the leads generated were near maturity. Therefore, a different series of emails was sequenced to encourage leads to request a proposal. 

  1. Automating business proposals with PandaDocs 

The CTA button in the new email series redirected prospective customers to a website landing page where they could fill out a form to request a proposal from EFM. The information gathered through these forms was saved in the Salesforce CRM. Now, Salesforce would use this information to compute the cost of services required for framing a relevant business proposal. Then, the business proposals were automatically created and sent through the PandaDocs and Salesforce integration.

Quantifying Results: Numbers

Speak Louder than Words

Quantifying Results: Numbers Speak Louder than Words

Here is a quantitative estimate of what the Deep Focus team helped to achieve for EFM.

  • We generated and organized over 1200 leads from multiple digital channels, including SEO, LinkedIn, and Emails.

  • The leads were captured and followed up in an organized and streamlined fashion through Salesforce.

  • In the very first month itself, Deep Focus helped EFM to schedule over 50 business meetings with high-prospect clients.

  • The 50 meetings resulted in 12 proposals sent to high net worth companies and individuals worth over $20 million.

The most amazing part was that this system was automated to run like a well-lubricated machine.

A Note from the EFM Family

A Note from the EFM Family

“What we achieved with Deep Focus was just phenomenal in terms of the value as well as a great relationship which we are sure will help us for years to come. They are not just service providers but partners and help in every step!”

-Lous Vetri, EFM

Lous Vetri, EFM