Digital Shoots: Eradicating Hunger with WePlant

About WePlant

Founded in the year 2014, WePlant is a leading Indian Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that aims to eradicate malnutrition and hunger across the globe. In addition, it also intends to address the declining biodiversity globally by planting indigenous fruit trees in public spaces. simple solution to overcome complex problems in the society requires a dedicated and inspired community and that’s what WePlant is creating. What started out as a village experiment has expanded roots across hundreds of districts in India.

The missing link

The WePlant Foundation had an ingenious solution to addressing intricate issued like malnutrition and hunger. Creating a self sufficient ecosystem to provide for the underprivileged sections of the society was far from easy. The first milestone was to plant over 1 million fruit seeds in public spaces within a limited time frame. Creating awareness among the public at large through a viral marketing strategy was the only way to make it possible.

To achieve this Digital ubiquity was a prerequisite to create a viral marketing strategy that could propagate this ingenious idea. Since WePlant started out as an experimental action idea in a limited geography, it lagged a digital ecosystem that could help drive awareness among masses. We had to factor in all types of online visitors, including website visitors, app visitors, social media followers, etc. Creating a user-friendly website and mobile applications for different operating systems was a must to spread the core idea like a wildfire.

Our approach

Technology has played a pivotal role in transforming the world. The idea of ending hunger using a mobile application might have seem a bit absurd a decade ago. However, today, the world has gone online and mobile. It was the right first step towards WePlant’s objective of ending hunger and malnutrition. We started out by establishing a robust digital presence for WePlant by creating a dynamic and user friendly website that contained all essential information about the mission.

It was followed by creating mobile applications for different operating systems such as Android and iOS. The idea was to collect data systematically and make it more convenient for people participating in this revolutionary campaign. Creating a digital setup was equivalent to laying the foundation for further development. It offered WePlant with the means to advance its objectives. However, educating the masses and convincing them to join the mission ‘Save the Seeds’ was still a long way to go.

We deep-dived into the idea to create a pragmatic approach for achieving set objectives. This time we got a little symbolic. Since seeds represents youth and growth, we partnered with schools to educate children about the importance of this mission. The goal of planting 1 million fruit seeds was divided among 100 different schools. Now, 100 students from each school were required to collect 100 seeds each. This was the viral masterplan that helped us achieve the 1 million number in no time.

Quantifying results

Let’s take a quick dive into what we achieved while working with the noble WePlant foundation.

  • The Deep Focus team takes immense pride in creating a website, iOS & Android mobile application in record time to start the viral marketing plan for the Weplant foundation

  • Onboarded over 100 schools, including the likes of Father Agnel Public School, New Delhi for the seed collection drive ‘Save the Seeds’

  • Helped the WePlant foundation in successfully collecting over 1 million fruit seeds from over 10,000 students across 100 schools in a short period.

  • Got awarded with the first seed bank collection by the Father Agnel Public School for our unwavering efforts towards a noble cause

A note from the WePlant family

“Deep Focus has played an instrumental role in helping us grow the ‘Save the Seeds’ mission. We have been able to successfully leverage our website and mobile applications towards the ultimate goal of eradicating malnutrition”