The internet has opened a lot of opportunities for new industries such as digital marketing, SEO, PPC, SMM, and even email marketing. There are plenty of companies that solely focus on improving their digital marketing efforts and are dedicating their resources to boosting their online performance. Deep Focus understands this online revolution!

Founded in 2011, our team is passionate about helping businesses as they start their journey online! Our goal is always to help our clients with high-quality services that are delivered on time. From website design and development all the way down to email marketing, you can trust our passionate team to deliver incredible results and solutions for your business.

Most recently, a nonprofit research institute has tapped our team to help with their MailChimp efforts. For those that don’t know, MailChimp is a marketing automation platform that is mostly utilized for its email services. They offer flexible solutions like creating a mailing list and email marketing campaigns.

The client needed some guidance after a huge internal transition. Our team helped by changing the client’s email marketing platform and we also provided an email marketing strategy for their organization. We also helped in developing campaigns for their target audiences and played a big role in onboarding their massive subscriber list. We are talking about years and years’ worth of emails.
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Furthermore, our client experienced a slight bump in the road as they faced several issues with MailChimp which resulted in their account getting blocked. We helped them fix this issue and walk them through the process in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future.
Here is Aditi Sundan, the Communications Assistants of the Nonprofit Research Institute to share some results and their experience working with our team:

“They have been incredibly helpful. We were in a tough spot when our account got blocked by MailChimp and we didn’t realize the limit in place for bounced emails. Because of our huge email list, we crossed the percentage of allowed bounced emails and really had nowhere to go from there. Now, with Deep Focus’ help, we’ve been able to build our database and use MailChimp effectively.“

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