D for Domains in A to Z of Email Marketing

“D” for Domains is todays topic from our A-Z of Email Marketing Series. Domains is many ways is truly the building block of the online networking world. In layman’s language you can understand “Domains” just as Name or Label of a computer connected to the internet. To read more about Domains and understand its relevance in emails, read more.

So what is a Domain

In layman’s language you can understand “Domains” just as Name or Label of a computer connected to the internet. So now that we broadly understand that domains are nothing but “address” or “names” of the actual computer, Let us understand how domains work.

Domains provide a easy and simple way to remember the address of the computer. In actuality all information transferred over the internet is sent or received from a sending server and received using a receiving server. These servers talk to each other through a set of protocols like -:

  • SMTP
  • POP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • And many others.

These protocols define the communication standard and type of data to expect. The sending server sends the data to another server by transmitting data over these protocols.

When sending data or receiving data how do servers identify each other?

  • Who is it going out to? Read more about “Audiences” in our previous series
  • Who is the sender
  • What is the content
  • What is the Subject line

And Lastly planning the “Time” and “Date” of campaign is important aspect to consider as well.

Campaigns in the mailchimp universe

I have always believed that when choosing the right tool for sending your email campaigns look for 3 important factors – How Reliable is your tool, How dependable is the company and does your Email Tool promise Delivery? 

For us at Deep Focus it is a no brainer to go with Mailchimp. It’s our favorite tool among all other ESP;s out there in the market today.

In the Mailchimp work a Campaign can mean more than just an “Email”. 

You can create so many different types of Campaigns in Mailchimp ie.

  • Social Post
  • Social AD
  • Landing Pages
  • Survey
  • Email Campaigns
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Time Warped Campaigns
  • Pre Scheduled Campaigns
  • Automations / Customer Journeys

I will be talking about these in the days ahead.