Meet Tushar Bhatia Owner of Charu Creation

Charu Creation
To start out, Charu has 3 main goals

To start out, Charu has 3 main goals:

  • Expand his customer base.
  • Get signups to his  in-store events and  product demos.
  • Drive traffic to his online  store, where he sells a  custom line of baking tools  and apparel.

Here’s how he makes it happen.

Sign-up forms

On his site and fabric blog help him grow his audience.



with his existing customer data, interactions and sales makes it easy to import and sync his existing customers with access to 250+ integrations and growing—almost anywhere their info is currently stored.

With his audience in one place

he can now organize it in segments and send targeted messages based on their interests, actions, location, and more.
Pop Form

Now he’s ready to build his campaign.

Creative Assistant

Creative Assistant

helps him create beautiful campaigns to let people know about upcoming events and new products.

Customer Segmentation

lets him effectively customize his Message for maximum engagement and relevance.
Customer  Segmentation
With the  Customer  Journey Builder

With the Customer Journey Builder

Tushar can plan and automate what messages he wants to send, and when, based on what he knows about his customers.

Timely, relevant messages

to resonate with his customers, building better relationships. And thanks to Mailchimp’s automation, charu saves time and effort, so he has more time to grow his business.
With the  Customer  Journey Builder