C for Campaigns in A to Z of Email Marketing

Today in our A-Z of Email Marketing series we will be talking about “C” – Campaigns. Of Course when we talk about Campaigns in context to Email Marketing a Campaign is basically an Email blast that goes out to a list of subscribers.

Elements of a Campaign

In an effective email marketing strategy when you plan a campaign wether its a newsletter, promotion or education campaign the 4 key aspects to plan a campaign is – :

  • Who is it going out to? Read more about “Audiences” in our previous series
  • Who is the sender
  • What is the content
  • What is the Subject line

And Lastly planning the “Time” and “Date” of campaign is important aspect to consider as well.

Campaigns in the mailchimp universe

I have always believed that when choosing the right tool for sending your email campaigns look for 3 important factors – How Reliable is your tool, How dependable is the company and does your Email Tool promise Delivery? 

For us at Deep Focus it is a no brainer to go with Mailchimp. It’s our favorite tool among all other ESP;s out there in the market today. 

In the Mailchimp work a Campaign can mean more than just an “Email”. 

You can create so many different types of Campaigns in Mailchimp ie.

  • Social Post
  • Social AD
  • Landing Pages
  • Survey
  • Email Campaigns
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Time Warped Campaigns
  • Pre Scheduled Campaigns
  • Automations / Customer Journeys

I will be talking about these in the days ahead.