News Latter

Creating a newsletter is a great way to keep interested parties informed about
ongoing business activities. It helps them learn about new offerings, launches,
events, and other updates related to a brand. Most successful businesses leverage
newsletters to communicate with their subscribers regularly. It is an exceptional
marketing tool that allows businesses to communicate with old and prospective
customers directly. A well-planned newsletter marketing campaign can be a game-
changer for your business. The ROI from these campaigns is unparalleled. Let’s take
a deep dive into the best strategies for publishing compelling newsletters.

Best practices for publishing exceptional newsletters


Most people often underestimate the power of communicating through a newsletter.
Here are the best practices that you must follow for creating exceptional newsletters.

1. Subject lines can be a deal-breaker

The most important piece of content for your newsletter is its subject. A powerful
subject line can be a deal-breaker in most cases. Most people decide whether or not
to open a newsletter email based on what’s mentioned in the subject line. Even the
slightest change in the subject line can profoundly affect the outcome of your
marketing campaigns. Knowing your target audience profile is essential to creating
the right subject line. The best performing email subject phrases are often between
30 to 50 characters long.

2. Optimize emails for smartphones

How often do you read emails on your mobile phone? Now, compare it with how
frequently you use a laptop for checking emails. There’s a staggering difference.
Most of us are accustomed to checking emails on our mobile devices unless it’s a
work email. Optimizing emails for smartphones is crucial to driving engagement with
newsletters. Not doing so can lead to suboptimal results. Of course, you can always
choose a mobile-friendly email template to draft your newsletter.

3. Work on the newsletter design

Design plays a critical role in urging customers to take favourable action. Even the
slightest change in the design and theme of your email newsletter can have a
multifold effect on the outcome. You must invest a considerable amount of time into
designing the perfect newsletter. It requires factoring in more minor details related to
fonts, colours, logo, etc. Another important thing that you should consider is the
readability quotient of newsletters. One can always take inspiration from leading
brands who are doing it right!

4. Segmentation is the key

Personalization is the driving factor in the contemporary digital era. Following the
traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach is a recipe for disaster that you must avoid. It is

nearly impossible to fit all your subscribers into a single vertical. Segmentation plays
a crucial role in optimizing email newsletter marketing campaigns. You can
segregate customers/subscribers based on their age, nationality, gender, etc. and
then create personalized newsletters for a better response.

5. Leverage the power of A/B testing

Conducting A/B testing is a great way to learn what’s working for your business. A/B
can be explained as a research method to evaluate user experience. It works on the
statistical concept of hypothesis testing. Any A/B testing campaign contains two
variants, i.e., variant A and variant B. A/B testing can be easily used to improve click
rates by comparing the results of two variants. For example, use two different email
subject lines to see which has a high open-rate. In addition, you can do hypothesis
testing for different CTAs, landing pages, etc.

6. Create a compelling CTA


The Call to Action (CTA) phrase plays a crucial role in boosting the ROI of any
marketing campaign. It helps users take the following steps, advancing the
underlying marketing objective. CTA phrases are designed to invoke an immediate
response from the target audience. Many e-commerce brands leverage CTAs that
induce the target audience to make an impulse purchase. Newsletters can have a
CTA that induces people to subscribe to the email list. The right call to action phrase
requires learning what motivates your target audience.

Final words


Newsletters are a great way to keep your subscribers and other interest parties
updated on new business activities. It can also be used as a powerful marketing tool
to promote new products and services to a hot audience effectively. Following these
best practices will help you publish effective newsletters to deliver value to your
target audiences.