B for Bounced Emails in A to Z of Email Marketing

B for Bounced

Bounced emails are like bounced cheques, that no business wants to see. Email Validation Can Reduce Bounce Rate by 90%.

#A2Z of Email Marketing: B for Bounced

It is true that a bounced email is like a bounced cheque in the email universe. First of all lets understand what is defined as a “bounced email”.

Understanding of a Bounce


An email when sent is not truly delivered is considered bounced. The reason for email bouncing / not delivering could be as follows – :

  • Mailbox full
  • Server down
  • Email does not exist
  • Invalid Email Address

These are the main 4 reasons why your email did not get delivered. Now different email service providers have different terms, error codes to report any of the above scenarios.

Types of Bounce

In the Mailchimp system The first two reasons for Bouncing are considered “Soft bounce” and the last two are “Hard Bounce”. 

A Hard Bounced email is automatically deleted / cleaned / archived from your Mailchimp Audience. Hence the bounced emails do not get sent again which increases the delivery rate of your campaign, thereby improving the domain reputation and ip reputation. 

Since Mailbox full or Server not responding are temporary situation they are considered a soft bounce and the emails are marked as “soft bounce” but not deleted. However 3 successful soft bounces lead to email being marked as Hard Bounce.