Mandrill Transactional Emails API to fix WordPress Websites

Failed Email Delivery


Step 1 – Activate Mandrill in your Mailchimp Account

Login to your Mailchimp Account and Click on Billings > Monthly Plans


Step 2 – Purchase a mandrill block

When you click on Buy Plan you can choose the “Blocks” you require.

Mandrill turns out to be ver economical for high volume senders.

You can also try it first by click “Demo Plan” which is free uptil 500 emails.


Step 3 – login to mandrill app

After you activate your plan you can login to mandrill app using your same mailchimp  logins. this is how it should look once you login to mandrill


Step 4 – configure your domain with mandrill

Click on the gear icon to go into settings to now configure your account. setup your domain and activate smtp sending


Step 5 – create a new api key and activate smtp

Now you are ready to use these settings. once you activate your api key it will be used as a password for your smtp relay port


Step 6 – install post smtp plugin in wordpress website

Now just go into your WordPress Dashboard and from the Plugins menu >> Add New Search for the Plugin “POST SMTP” This is the most updated and reliable plugin


Step 7 – configure the plugin with your mandrill settings

Finally in “All Settings” Select SMTP API and Select Mandrill API from the Dropdown.

Now this is the step where you copy and paste the Host address, port no. and API key from Mandrill to this page


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