1,000 people lost their jobs in 1 day in Houston, Texas.

Step 1 Develop Content

Step 2 Use Integrated Social Media Campaigns to Drive Prospects to the Landing Pages.

Step 3 Create Landing Pages Designed to Convert the Maximum Number of Prospects Nothing distracting like links away from page

1. Must keep the promise made in the ad or link

2. The headline, images and color choices found on the landing page should tell the visitor that they are on the right track, they have taken another step in their quest to solve their problem (Know your bill rate so you can be competitive so they can Keep their job or get a job)

3. Landing page must be single- mindedly focused on getting the visitor to take action. Nothing should appear on the landing page that doesn’t pertain the what we offer.

Step 4 Nurture Leads from the Top to Bottom.

1. Ask the right questions in the beginning.

2. When someone gives us their email address immediately send them a confirmation page that asks them a multiple choice question

2.1 The 1st qualifying question (submit)

2.2 The 2nd qualifying question (submit)

Once they enter submit they immediately a thank-you page with a small offer.
What information do we really need from them?

Step 5 Make sure we have done a good job.
1. Have clarity
1.1 Have we defined the market?
1.2 What constitutes a good lead?
1.3 What are we selling?
2. Narrow our focus. Qualify leads