Vivek Ghosh

Business Partner

About Me

“New acquisitions are always needed to keep the business running. You need to focus on your client’s growth to grow your business. It is the lifeline for any business that’s looking for sustainable growth.”


Building relationships with new clients requires earning their valuable trust and that’s something which Vivek has mastered over the years. Working in the capacity of a Business Partner at Deep Focus, Vivek is responsible for the overall growth and expansion of the organisation which he achieves by

leveraging his marketing acumen.

Starting his journey from a small town near Kolkata to becoming a Business Partner at a reputed organisation, Vivek has achieved a remarkable feat in a short period. This journey full of hardships & hustles is also among his biggest achievements in life. Creating something new for every client and understanding their subjective requirements is something that aspires him to get behind the screens every day.

Being a Bengali, Vivek has a special interest in Music and Football. When not occupied with work (hardly happens), he loves to go on a bike ride.