Rudra Goyal

Digital Marketing Expert

About Me

“My thinking prowess as a digital marketer helps me find unique marketing angles and sets me apart from the crowd.”


Digital marketing is at the core of most businesses that rely on selling goods using online channels. Having a unique marketing angle requires a creative thinking approach and this is what Rudra is all about. Working as a digital marketer with Deep Focus, Rudra assumes many roles to optimize

the online marketing campaigns of the clients.

His primary role involves targeting the right set of audiences through various campaigns, optimising websites for organic searches and ensuring the best possible return on the marketing budget. Having a platform to channel his creativity is what motivates him to work as a digital marketer. Rudra believes that through digital marketing he can leverage his unique ideas to market different products or services to the right audience.

He has also participated in the state-level weight lifting championship from the state of Haryana which is among his spotlight achievements to date. Rudra is highly keen on reading psychology books in his leisure and takes a special interest in cooking. ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ is among his favourite books in the psychology genre that he highly recommends.