Lokesh Sharma

Project Manager

About Me

“A project manager is like the guiding light for the team, especially for start-ups that employ fresh and raw talent.”


Working in the capacity of a Project Manager, Lokesh assumes many crucial responsibilities for Deep Focus that aids in its overall success. His primary responsibilities include interacting with the clients to obtaina comprehensive understanding of the projects and brief about the same to the team members. Lokesh firmly believes that a Project Manager acts as a binding force

in the team and is also a bridge between the client and the corporation.

Among the numerous accolades that Lokesh has to his name, founding and running a tech firm successfully for over 4 years is his biggest achievement. Lokesh’s tech acumen, inquisitiveness and problem-solving mindset have earned him the title of “Mr Fix-It” by his colleagues. He cherishes the old classical compositions from the 90s and enjoys listening to them in his leisure. Lokesh is deeply inspired by the book titled “Success is Never Ending, Failure is Never Final” by Dr Robert Schuller and it’s among his must-read recommendations.