Minty Rode

UI/UX Expert

About Me

“Digital media is the future of the media industry. You can easily reach a wider audience and customize your selection that is hard to do with traditional media forms like Print media.”


Having worked in the print media industry for a substantial period, Minty has ventured into the UI/UX domain by leveraging his creative mind and technological expertise. Minty is an experienced graphic designer who also has a stronghold over the UI/UX segment. He is among the most versatile

and experienced professionals working with Deep Focus.

His primary role is to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the aesthetics and the user experience quotient of their website. Minty is always excited to leverage his creative freedom and create visually appealing designs that guarantee high functionality. He strongly believes that the future is digital and that’s what led him to switch his job from the print media industry. Digital media is a world beyond bounds and this excites him to explore the limitless possibilities.

Minty relishes the classical compositions by legends like Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi in his free time that he hardly gets!