Kamal Bisht

Website Developer

About Me

“For creating a dynamic website, you need to brainstorm things from multiple perspectives and then channel it into a unique output”


Website development is a tricky job that needs you to factor in the user experience and interface quotient without compromising on the aesthetics. As a website developer at Deep Focus, Kamal plays a crucial role in the website development process by leveraging his deep programming acumen. From

strategizing how the website will look to adding relevant content, he takes care of it all.

He believes that the website development process is multi-faceted and you need a diverse perspective to create something unique using your skillset. Kamal has always been passionate about creating things using a computer and his learning zeal led him to the world of programming. His inquisitiveness compelled him to turn his passion into a profession that he loves.

When not working on creating amazing websites, Kamal likes to blog, read books and enjoys playing video games in his leisure. ‘Death on the Nile’ by Agatha Christie is among his favourite crime thriller novels that he highly recommends.