Rashi Kain

Ecommerce Expert

About Me

“Managing data effectively is the most crucial factor for the success and growth of an e-commerce website!”


In the post-pandemic era, going digital has been a non-negotiable for companies and this has given a massive boost to the e-commerce industry. Working as an Ecommerce Expert at Deep Focus, Garima is responsible for effectively managing the online sales channels for various clients. As a

Product Manager, she has to overview the entire catalogue update process on various online channels including leading marketplaces.

Rashi strongly believes that the digital world is fuelled by data and one can easily obtain valuable insights about a product by carefully assessing and monitoring data regularly. After spending over 3 years in this domain, she feels that every day is a new learning opportunity as the e-commerce industry is continuously evolving and still in its nascent stage.

Rashi is also a trained Bhangra dancer and she has won multiple state-level dancing competitions. When not working on perfecting the sales funnel, she likes to indulge in reading new books and exploring new music.